2017-06-20 by Giselle Lehmann
Meet CoSolve, a co-working space

Greetings Fellow Chamber Members,


We are CoSolve, a co-working space dedicated to serving Longmont’s economic and cultural growth.  CoSolve is over 6,000 square feet and growing.  It is built with the key amenities needed to work effectively:   fast internet, conference rooms, desks, lockers, computing services and coffee. 


Our key amenity is our community. Community is the origin of our slogan, “Bigger Than Us." We are all experts in something and the mixing of our skills, experience, and culture is what makes a co-working space the greater benefit to all.


Co-working is a worldwide cultural phenomenon, bringing people together in local purpose-built spaces to get daily work done while building relationships and working with people from diverse walks of life and professions.


The members of CoSolve are individuals and team members from regional, national and international companies. They work in areas such as music, arts, food science and distribution, Internet, law, marketing, finance, and more. 


CoSolve also hosts Meetups, an important way small groups build culture and community by exploring common interests. Most non-commercial meetups are held free by CoSolve members.  Anyone with an interest in sponsoring Meetups or arranging a Meetup at CoSolve is welcome to reach out to us.


We encourage you to come and visit us to learn more. We are opening our new expanded work areas for tours and sign ups during Longmont Startup Week, July 24-28.

We can be reached at info@cosolve.co and our website is http://www.cosolve.co.



Dixon Chan Dick and the CoSolve Team




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