2016-09-21 by B Partain
Chamber board opposes proposed minimum wage amendment

The Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors voted Tuesday to oppose Amendment 70, which would raise the minimum wage from its current $8.31 per hour to $12 per hour by 2020. The Federal minimum wage is currently $7.25.
The proposal is on the November 8 statewide ballot.
“From an employee viewpoint, the proposal might sound good, but this has a high probability of hurting many member businesses to the point they may have to shut down,” Chamber Chair Kyle Snyder said. “Recent measures in other cities and towns across the US have resulted in the layoff of thousands of workers. Not only is this bad for business, but bad for the employees who rely on this income. We support higher wages for our community, but not at the cost of businesses and jobs.
“Additionally, the Longmont Chamber board has already taken a stance that the state constitution is not the best venue for such proposals,” Snyder said. “In August, the board supported Amendment 71, which raises the bar for adding amendments. There are statutory and legislative methods to promote policy changes and create similar results, without burdening the state constitution.”
According to the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, the proposal is being pushed by national organizations hoping to increase specific voter turnout in the federal election, and not as a policy objective for Colorado.



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