2016-08-18 by Bruce R. Partain
Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors supports Amendment 71 – Raise the Bar

The Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors voted August 16, 2016 to support Amendment 71 – also known as Raise the Bar. The proposal was introduced originally as Initiative 96.

This proposed amendment will be on the statewide ballot in November.

“Our Public Policy Committee studied Amendment 71 and voted to support this proposal,” Chamber Chair Kyle Snyder said. “Their recommendation went to our board members, and this week our board also overwhelmingly voted to support Raise the Bar. Our vote reflects our position to carefully review and support government measures that provide a healthy environment for business, and to carefully review and oppose measures that do not support business.”

“This initiative does nothing to take away voters’ rights to propose changes and place an initiative on the ballot for the entire state to vote,” Snyder said. “It simply raises the bar for changing the Constitution. The Constitution should be reserved for fundamental principles, not as an experimental laboratory for groups from across the country to test ideas, then leave the consequences for Coloradans to bear for generations.”

Colorado’s constitution is among the most easily changed in the country, resulting in more than 150 amendments, some of which conflict with one another. Only California and Oregon have experienced more proposed constitutional amendments than Colorado. Amendment 71 would require that of the 100,000 signatures needed for a proposal to rise to the statewide ballot, a certain number would come from each state senate district across the state.

Specifically, proponents of a Constitutional amendment would need to collect signatures from 2% of registered voters in each of the state’s 35 senate districts. Also, to amend the state Constitution, ballot issues would need 55% of the voters to pass instead of a simple majority. The process for changing state laws would remain exactly the same under this initiative.



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